• Onsolar provides a complete solution for energy management, designing, installation, commissioning, testing and maintaining the solar PV power generating system.
  • The process the Onsolar team follows includes the following activities:
  • 1) Client Survey, Requirement Analysis & Energy Management Solutions:
    • a. Site Survey:
    • A complete survey of the site of the client will be carried out to assess the present energy consumption pattern, the area available for Solar PV installation and the applications the client would run on the solar PV power.
    • b. Requirement Analysis:
    • The Onsolar Project Team would prepare a complete document of the present power requirement at the client’s site.
    • c. Energy Management Solutions:
    • They would recommend effective energy management solutions which can help the client in reducing the existing consumption. The team can also make a budgetary offer for the same, if so desired by the client.
  • 2) Budgetary Offer:
  • After finalization of the energy requirement with the client, Onsolar would give a budgetary offer to the client along with the delivery schedule and the milestones for the project.
  • 3) Design and Procurement:
  • On receipt of the Purchase order and advance payment, On Solar team would design the required system and start the procurement of Solar Modules and the various components and ensure timely delivery at the site.
  • 4) Structure Erection:
  • Simultaneous to the procurement of the material, the fabricated structure would be constructed at the site.
  • 5) Installation of the PV system:
  • On arrival of all the material on site, the modules and the other hardware would be installed by a specially trained installation team and the desired application would be connected to the system.
  • 6) Commissioning & Testing:
  • The system would be commissioned to get the required results. The system would be tested for the performance of the different components under various conditions.
  • 7) Annual Maintenance Contract:
  • The system is handed over to the owners and an annual maintenance contract would be signed.
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